Aaron was one of James’ #wingmen during the world record-breaking summer of 2015 and was instrumental in getting him through each day of the 50. Aaron’s attention to detail and work ethic is second to none. Aaron grew up in Pleasant Grove, Utah where he excelled as a wrestler dominating the competition taking his athleticism to a high level.


He is a monster on the bike and his love for cycling got him into triathlon and competing in endurance sports. He has won and placed at different distances of triathlon. He is very well rounded having raced all distances of triathlon including competing at the Xterra World Championships in Hawaii, competing in ultras, many cycling events, and most recently competing in World’s Toughest Race Eco Challenge in Fiji hosted by Bear Grylls and put on by Amazon Prime. Aaron has been well taught by David Warden and is certified by Ironman University. He has been coaching with Team Ironcowboy since 2016. He loves seeing the success of others and help bringing athletes and people to their ultimate potential and help complete their goals.