There will always be nay sayers whenever someone chooses to do something extraordinary, but to continue in the face of such negativity, through sheer will is a credit to the people involved and a true reflection of what is possible with belief. Whatever your stance, you can't take away what an amazing achievement this was. Truly inspirational. I take my hat off to James and his crew. Good on you guys!

Mark Bulman

A few weeks ago James brilliantly shared his story with our North American Strategic Sales team and truly left us all inspired to dream big, to believe without doubt, to push through adversity and to accomplish the seemingly impossible.


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overcoming obstacles to achieve your goals


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Why does MINDSET matter?

Having personally reached that breaking point where I’ve had to decide to continue or quit, l’m continuously reflecting on ways that I can push myself. Whether it be fitness, speed, endurance, or even growing my business and challenging my mind, developing mental toughness is a huge part of my success.

 I would like to share with you some of my thoughts that have helped me to succeed. I am hoping that you can implement them and that you see success in your own life.

Build Mental Toughness

Identify and overcome obstacles

Develop healthy habits and achieve your goals

record-setting distances

With this mindset James completed

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Developed by Triathlon Guinness World Record holder, James "The Iron Cowboy" Lawrence.

James is originally From Calgary, Alberta Canada. He grew up a wrestler and later in life became to love endurance racing to escape the hectic routine of Corporate America. After losing everything in 2008, James turned to his new found passion for triathlon racing and went on to break two world records within three years. In 2015 James accomplished the unthinkable despite everyone saying his end goal was impossible. He completed 50 Ironman distance triathlons, in 50 days, in each of the 50 United States — The 50-50-50.


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Why does MINDSET matter?

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