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James Lawrence, The Iron Cowboy, conveys rousing and influencing keynote presentations that embolden meaningful outcomes and improvements globally. Lawrence is a Guinness World Record Holder, endurance athlete, successful entrepreneur, husband, father, and renowned speaker.

James has physically and mentally pushed limitations, broken barriers, and accomplished the seemingly impossible. He is able to illustrate his endeavors to his audience and through these experiences can inspire communities and organizations to elevate performance.

A few weeks ago James brilliantly shared his story with our North American Strategic Sales team and truly left us all inspired to dream big, to believe without doubt, to push through adversity and to accomplish the seemingly impossible.– Nike

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His combination of energy, humor, determination, and achievements captivates his audience and creates an inspirational and awakening phenomenon for all. James ensures each presentation is customized to fit his audience and guarantees passion behind each keynote to engage and arouse maximum performance.

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